Monday, June 01, 2009

oh frikken sob!


Please excuse that small outburst below :)

I have had a HORRIBLE day!

It is now month end again tomorrow

because I am STUPID and tired and I'm an artist damn it, not a mathematician

and I had everything all ready to go by 11 am....."god I'm good" thunk I...

yes indeedy, I was cool, calm and collected, all bills paid, all the landlords accounts sorted

and even had time for a little cup of tea and an email or two


dum de dum

The only thing I had left to do was the bank reconciliation.....piece of the proverbial, yes?


Do you think it would balance...hellooooo, the computer is supposed to do that jazz

I just punch in the numbers

Well, I (or some other sidekick) have obviously punched them in wrong this month

and some people had decided to put their rent in the bank with NO NAME on it

Yes, I know I am intuitive but really........

So, these amounts need to be made into an ADJUSTMENT....easy yep, you just stick it in the other endybit, after you do all the other stuff, like presenting cheques and other thrilling things


Is it plus or minus

What about all the other adjustments?


grrrr 5 pm it still wont work.....6 HOURS LATER...

and I don't know why

and it was too hard

so I threw it at the wall

and came home

I have done this every month for over 18 frikken months now

but not today


worst part is

I get to do it all again tomorrow


but still

I am home now

I have eaten something unhealthy...good old fish and chips

and I have my PJ's and the heater on


I will live


today was one of those days when it would be so nice to come home to a hug you know

a BIG GIANT one....

or a stiff drink!

Sucks to be me there :)


I walk in the door to find one child head down on the stairs looking like a dead body and the other one jumping out from behind the door screaming!


Told you I'd have a smile on my face......

once I got up off the floor I may have smiled a bit

I'm working on the bloody gratitude okay!



Natalie said...

Oh. Soz for bad day at the Orifice.
How can you possibly be Michelleangelo and do numbers too?
Relax, sleep well, in the morrow you will find it.xx♥

Lisa said...

sounds awful, confusing and totally painful- a hug is better than a stiff drink and i will drive up and give you one if its that bad xx

Butler and Bagman said...

Ah ha! So it was about balancing the bank account!! Now I understand completely! I usually spend hours trying to reconcile a 5 cent difference. Yesterday I tried to balance mine as well and there was $3,200 difference!! The fact that it was in my favor didn't help any because the mathematical exercise is to create equality, not cheer over imaginary money. I after many AARRRGGGHHH's I got it down to the usual 5 cent difference. And said, screw the 5 cents and went to bed. BAGMAN says that he can't drink either but would love to be "hugged."

Cyndy said...




xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo etc

Anonymous said...

18 months already!!!!!w.w.

Strawberry Girl said...

HAHAHAHA LOL, sounds like your having a blast over there!! ;D

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Arrrgggh is right! I hope it gets cleared up today.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I'm doing my month end too and I hate it! I do bookkeeping for a living and if everyone else would do their job so I could get mine done, this lady wouldn't have the frown lines she does all the time! argh!

A certain person here has 30-31 days EACH MONTH to do his part of my inventory work and every, EVERY single month I have to remind him the last week of the month to do it so I can close up my part. I get a freakin PILE today, June 1st.
What the???? It's not hard! It's easy, just do it. It could easily be done in small batches, weekly, but nope.....that would make my life easier. Can't have that! The problem is he's my boss. I can hardly rag on him to do his job right? So I sit and wait.

I want to be home painting. It's really a shame that this has to pay the bills though. Still, I'm grateful to have a job :) Just wish my dreams would come true and my art would pay the bills. Oh what a lovely dream♥

Hang in there, I will too :)

Daria said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Your blogging is so funny but balancing the books is so ugly.

I feel for you and hope when you look at it with fresh eyes ... things will resolve themselves.

Snowbrush said...

This will make it easier for me to balance our check book that we hardly ever use anyway.

linda said...

XOXOXOXOX ~ perhaps a change in jobs?

thinking of you and sending you masses of relax energy!

Renee said...

You are always amazing. Always.


Bogey said...

The fact that you identified all of these issues, didn't kill anybody or anything and posted this with a wry twist of humour tells me you survived the moment. I could still give you a "BIG GIANT" hug if you want one! Glad you settled for the heat and your PJ's. :) xx