Friday, June 26, 2009


Am I still smoking?


I think I've been waiting for the good smoking fairy to flitter along and take care of it for me

Ahh, still delusional after all these years :)


on day 17 of Champix

I am stopping

I have about 4 left

not buying anymore



send me strength today people,, when I get through it, I will be okay

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!



Butler and Bagman said...

Yea, Michelle! And yes, you will be fine.

Kristy-Lee said...

You CAN do it!


You can.


Sarah Lulu said...

You can't ...we can.

I used the 12 steps ...haven't had a cigarette or the desire for one in ummm almost 4 years now.

Anonymous said...


Daria said...

Sending you strength ...

Kathleen said...

You have strength in abundance!

Myst_72 said... can!!!!

Strength to you Michelle,
well done indeed.

Keep that very last ciggie, put it away somewhere and be 'choosing not to have it'.
If you run out completely it might make you feel worse.....
Just a thought anyway, when I gave up cold turkey years ago that's how I managed.


Lisa said...

stopping what

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You can do it. The Evil Twin quit cold turkey almost 5 years ago - he says he still wants one, but hasn't picked one up AT ALL since that. And, he was a hardcore smoker, so if he could do it, anyone can.

Kerry said...

Not an easy thing Michelle, but you are such a strong person. Just with the little i know of you, i can see that.

Sending you strength and love.

You can do this.

Yes you can.

Esaya-Ran said...

you can do it!!!!!!!

linda said...

you can do it...I am convinced YOU can do anything!

Renee said...

Yes you can do it Michelle, but more then that you will do it.


Bogey said...

You have had a lot on your plate of late. Don't beat yourself up. You know you will do this and from what I see, you have a lot of support and encouragement. Hang in there.

Jen said...

You CAN do it.

Without a shadow of a doubt.


Anonymous said...