Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am alive ....see....*waving*

Had a hectic day yesterday with new doctors appointment and chemo and stuff

New doctor is nice......and the actual Director of Oncology I discovered...didn't know that when I was demanding him......!

Chemo this week seemed like a breeze for mum compared to last weeks

I have news

Of Titanic proportions

well, for us anyway

We have had two offers for the business with another most likely later today

For more money than hoped for

So........are you seeing a light at the end of one tunnel here????

Yeah, me too!!

I have had 2 hours sleep due to pshycho parent on steroid induced rampage

I am beat

I am NOT beaten!

woo farkin hoo people!!!!

I am so excited that if I wasn't half dead on my feet here

I'd be dancing a little jig

Probably not a pretty sight *frown*

but who cares

Freedom, of a sort, beckons


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Congrats! I hope you make a ton of profit off of it.

Daria said...

Congrats ... I'm doing the happy dance for ya.

Too cute ... I believe it thou ... 2 hours sleep due to pshycho parent on steroid induced rampage

Natalie said...

Oh yeah! aha! whoot whoot!xx♥

Bogey said...

It sounds like all of this news couldn't have come at a better time. That light down the tunnel could be your ray of sunshine you have been waiting for. Hope everything continues to improve for you and all of your family. All the best.

Michelle said...

dunno about a tonne Audrey, but maybe enough for a bit of peace of mind....xxx

jewell said...

awesome news Shell...yes light at the end of the tunnel is good thing for sure xxx hugs

Jen said...

OMG Chelle - what fantastic news!!!

Have got every thing crossed for you here.


Anonymous said...


Red Mum

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Good luck with the offers! That is great news!

Lisa said...

the cards last week were all about completion , remember.......most excellent dear Mary me..woo hoo !!!

Snowbrush said...

As Murrow (I think it was) used to say, "There you have it; all tne news that's fit to print."

Dawn said...

It's amazing that you have received two, maybe three, offers all at the one time after waiting for so long for it to sell. The world works in mysterious ways :)