Monday, June 15, 2009

monday moanings

Tahni's drum......

Somehow I managed to lose yesterday in a painting......

I like that :)

Today I will be fully present in a dentist appointment where I will have holes filled and such exciting stuff.....better be no drilling....I am not prepared for drilling no no

or needles...god I hate dental needles don't you.....argh

Today is supposed to be my official quit date for smoking but on advice from people who have done it, I will be giving the Champix a few more days to do its on day 8 here and not feeling a whole lot different....?????

Be just my luck to be the only person on the planet that Champix makes want to smoke more!

If it hasn't kicked in by the other end of this week drastic measures shall be taken!

On top of my dental appointment today I must also run around town like an idiot getting bank cheques made up and delivered to solicitors who are idiots and should be paying me to be an idiot for them

and I may pop into the art supply shop......should time permit

Dreaded aunt is taking mum for chemo and transfusion today......sigh of relief, she gets so antsy sitting there for so long.....sorry mum

Tomorrow I get to go to the tribunal and not get to kick someone out over that. Where is the BB gun?

Must also get to the doctors this week for scripts for the girls or I will have trouble on my hands!

Other than that, life goes on as usual

I seem to have killed the flu with lots of zinc, echinacea, Vitamin C and refusal to have it............and ran out of gas for the heater......brrrrrrr

My house is a bomb zone thanks to painting frenzy.....I will do something about that sometime......need clean clothes too.......bugger it

Is it summer yet???

I am cold damnit!

Have a good one people

I plan on it...the dentist may have other ideas though....argh

Need to find a magic face lift cream.........and a new stomach......and.......oh, never mind :)

Note to self: Not shaving legs because no one is looking is just plain it you feral!



Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

That painting is so beautiful.

Lisa said...

its too cold to shave legs- i need my winter coat...............glad Aunty is here......

Daria said...

Glad you had a great day painting ... I like Lisa's comment ... too cold to shave.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drums! Good luck at the dentist. And the tribunal. Lisa and Daria are right - bugger the shaving! Who cares!

Anonymous said...

Hope the dentist appt. went okay. Yucky...

I went for about 5 days extra on champix than they said... and it turned out perfectly. I think the 8 or so days is too soon. it'll be easy... just wait till you start hating them ;)

xxx ♥

Renee said...

Make sure to keep your face because it is beautiful.


Michelle said...

The house we rent has a small shower = shaving has become... tricky. Recently I realised I'm missing spots (bent into shower corners cursing 40-ish knees and size 40-ish rear end). I sometimes end up with a mohawk effect down the back of my calves. :-0

Michelle said...

The drum is gorgeous. It reminds me of a medicine shield/drum a friend made us years ago. She decorates her stuff with beadwork and feathers only. The painting really lifts it to a new level.