Monday, October 12, 2009

on and on and on and on.................

Been thinkin'........

about lovers and madness

(refer to unfinished painting)

an interesting day in Michelle's head today for sure

new lovers to be

old lovers past

the fact that you can count 24 years worth of lovers on less than the fingers of one opposed to one finger

(not going into the years prior to that)


I think I am glad that I have had more than one 'partner'......

I'm pretty sure if I had to put up with any of them for 24 years I would be insane by now :)

But, who says I am not???

I'd been reading some stuff where people have been calling themselves 'mad' just recently and it got me thinking again, about definitions and what we call ourselves and why we do this.......

I got to where I thought that yes, I could quite probably call myself mad if I chose to, this past year, considering what I have done and been through.

Yeah, I am confused and scared and my head wont stop some days

and yeah, I can do embarrassing stuff, trust me I CAN and I have

I have been into and booted out of fantasy land

But I am not 'mad' people...

I am just human

I have been to the 'mad' place, where depression and anxiety and overwhelming emotional breakdowns were.......that WAS mad, as one would define mad. That led to self medicating and pain and betrayal and all the classic stuff. Not a nice place at all.

This year, by comparison, is tame and quite functional thank you.

I am grateful to be in a place where I can see this stuff and not be swamped by it.
To be in a place where I have people that don't mind pulling my head out of my bum when it needs pulling.
To be able to function on a somewhat rational and responsible level for my family.

To be me.

Yes, just me.....

This Michelle, who fucks up a lot but tries to own it and to keep it real in a world where this is increasingly difficult and painful.

It's all okay, just for today

Welcome to my world :)


Sarah Lulu said...

Oh yes I have been in that insane place too.

No more.

I dance around love and all that entails myself ...I think love or lack thereof ...drives us all a little crazy.

And as to passion? You mentioned on my blog. OHhh YESSSSSSSSS please.

I have only had two lovers in total.

I'd like to leap to three VERY soon.


Hugs my new friend,

Sarah Lulu

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You are awesome! I love your messages.

nollyposh said...

and that's just the way we luv ya <3

Lisa said...

but you are mad !

Michelle said...

Didn't I just say that?

Oh help......


wykd wytch said...

beautiful photo....w.w.

Cyndy said...

we all fuck up, regardless of our mental state.

Thanks for letting us into your world ;0)

Bagman and Butler said...

Hold on to's how we fly. But have a good co-pilot so you can land safely, refuel, and take off again.

Renee said...

I know that I am mad about you.

The painting is fantastic.

Love Renee xoxo

christopher said...

A Fool's Grin On My Face

I'm mad, I tell you
as if I could convince me
in time, in telling
you over, over
again with a strange giggle
too small for my size,
choosing to wear hats
sideways with arrows through them,
stumbling as I go.

I'm mad, I tell you!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah.......