Monday, October 19, 2009

Cave Dwelling.....

Image: Picasso - Blue Nude

I am carving a space
Just for me
I lay here in it
the darkness is welcoming
the candle glows softly in the corner
my pieces are strewn
staying where I put them
no one moves them around
loses them carelessly
before I hide them again
I examine closely
pick apart
sew a thread here and there
unpick a wrong stitch
colour a missed spot
touch this soft piece
at my centre
I ponder
the meaning of you

why do I even need?
I reflect on lessons taught well
learned slowly
wisdom gained only if used
I know differently
yet still I yearn for you
it is my nature
to be twined
I am not a solitary creature
this much I know of me

Forgive me if I pause
before I lay my heart out

I have less time to waste now


Marie S said...

Not only do you paint with color, you paint with words.
love and hugs.

Lisa said...

.and more time to live, authentically......
love you in completion x

Diane said...

Beautiful! I have to be reminded sometimes that I have less and less time to waste... thanks for that :) xo

nollyposh said...

~The Human Journey~

Daria said...

You know what ... you are right ... a change is as good as a rest ... I'm hoping the new treatment will be easier on me.