Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking out my window.....

Somebody once went to the trouble of finding me this little image, that was a nice thing.
I dunno what happened to him just lately though.
I guess it matters not.

God, I am getting a bit over this really working caper :)

Did you see the lovely Renee put my art on her blog???

This made me smile....

I am having a rather contemplative week this week, in that I seem to be forced to look at stuff with brutal honesty, and that's okay I suppose.

I always get what I ask for don't I???

Except for maybe one thing just lately but I am accepting the possibility that this was not going to be for my highest good...but damn I wanted it .....sigh.

Oh well......I will pick me back up and walk on, what choice do I have???

None really. I just like to fight it at times, this what's good for me stuff.

I have been offered a ride on a very nice motor bike that I have accepted for some time soon!

How cool will that be! Woooooh!

The world is a funny place people, and I have decided that I will just do what's in front of me, go with my gut feelings and get myself out there.......life is too short to worry about how big your arse is and other such trivia. I figure (and yes, I am being a knob head here, I can do that sometimes) that while I'm busy worrying about that crap I am missing out on good things that might be trying to happen.

I miss laughing.....

That is all really.

Do you ever wonder if you are smart enough?

I'm going to stop doing that.

I also really need to stop swearing.......



EugeneSwanson said...

ride on a motorbike? you really are having a midlife crisis midge

wykd wytch said...

I think about being smart enough all the time...and looking back on my past experiences...well.....maybe not..w.w.
p.s.remember you are smarty arty farty.....

Natalie said...

You are very smart. :D

Renee said...

I swear like a trooper and am not quitting anytime soon. I don't even think of it as swearing. It is talk for adults and in adult company what is the big deal.

Your painting is much loved.

Love Renee xoxo