Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh crap it's wet out there........but the frogs love it

It's raining still at this arse end of the earth.........god when will it stop!

My kids have stopped throwing up the equivalent of their body weights hourly, this is good news

My big girl is coming up to do 'grandma sick at the other house'

My cold is almost gone

Last night was a hoot and now we will be famous......(note to self ALWAYS get dressed up when going out or you will get in the paper for sure)

Maybe I will get to have some fun today

Or maybe I will just go to work and be grateful for all of the above?

Whichever way the wheel turns people.......wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Acceptance....almost there



Cyndy said...

I am loving these artworks, Arty Farty. Are they yours? I'm not sure how you managed to catch me in the buff though..... Friday's post, not this one..... I am Reubenesque and real, that's for sure.

I love your bedroom suite, too. I have eyed off the very same one, I think.....

It is good to see you smile ;0)

Fun is good <3

Michelle said...

Yeah, these are mine Cyndy......:)

Renee said...

Love you dear Michelle.