Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday snifflings and other such stuff....

Well, it's Sunday morning. So it is.

I am awake at sparrow fart because i went to sleep at 7pm!

This is good, I needed that, I am a bit sick still and want it over with now please!

My kids have all had a revolting tummy bug that I have managed to avoid so far but............

My cold is not going fast enough!

So, sleep is good yes?

I was having a night out last night but it didn't happen, which I am counting as a blessing as it isn't really nice to give people germs even if you don't mean to :)

I plan on having this night out later in the week when I WILL BE BETTER (you hear me gods?)

Whatever will happen when it does I guess......

Today I plan on sleeping and cleaning and maybe finishing a painting (yes, that one up there) I started last week.

I want to hang it in my bedroom so finished would be good...

I may go for a drive out to the shopping hole to swap some unnecessary purchases later, either for money or more purchases, haven't made up my mind yet :)

It is mums 61st birthday on Tuesday! This is a little bittersweet considering......and what the hell do I get her?

I'm having two days off this week, one for crap to be done, one for's them apples~!!

Bring it on universe..........but no more bugs okay!

Be nice to me.....I need that.


Marie S said...

A sparrows fart????? LOL!!! thank you so much for the huge laugh.
Have a great week, I love you. Get better.

Cyndy said...

I was talking with Beloved the other day: Do sparrows really fart? I reckon that they'd be a bit concerned about the follow-through, bird's excrement being liquid and all.....

And bittersweet or not, a birthday is still a birthday. All birthdays are to be celebrated. Is a present a must? No. But a pressie doesn't have to have a point, does it? It's a gift that shows thought and love. Just something that your mum would like: an outing, flowers, food that she might like in small amounts.

I am willing no bugs your way ;0)

Love to you, Michelle. Enjoy your days off (and your bed) ;0)

Marie S said...

I bet if they do fart they aren't very big are they? I can not seem to get this off my mind!
I have an award for you my dear. Come on over and get it!

Barry said...

Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick, especially with sparrows farting and all.

Please post the finished version of your painting. Its looking good to me right now.