Thursday, October 01, 2009

Weekend?? Who me???

I just realised that this weekend is a long weekend :)

I have to work Saturday morning, but other than that, seeings as tomorrow is my day off, I have a few days of doing whatever I like up my sleeve it seems!


I go to the dentist tomorrow. That's not so exciting, but then I'm going shopping for a new bed, and maybe I will go to the art supply shop too.........maybe I will!

The weather thingy says its going to rain on the weekend :(

....not at my house it isn't! I have plans, sort of, and I require some sunshine please!

Anyway, whatever the weekend brings, and that may well just be a sick mother home, I feel better than I have been.

I hope you do too. Yes, you.

Now, let's get today over with so I can go play.....


Daria said...

Bonus ... a long weekend. Hope you get some sunshine as requested.

Lisa said...

just give me a time and place and i will be there

linda said...

why thankie, i do feel better :)

hoping it doesn't rain just for have had a long winter, my dear...

nollyposh said...


Chrisy said...

The weather sounds like it's going to be dam fine at your place this weekend no matter what the weather is...enjoy every second knowing that you deserve it!

Sarah Lulu said...

Hello dumpling.

ENJOY .... time to paint or play ...relax and let recent events float away.

You could always sing in the rain.

I'm going to garden a bit before the rain comes I hope.


Renee said...

Renee loves Michelle.


Bogey said...

Hello Michelle,

Long week ends come few and far between so I hope you do enjoy yourself despite the weather. Sorry to hear that your Mum is still living in hell on earth. Take it easy!