Monday, October 05, 2009

On waking up alone again.....

So, it's Monday

Still raining and soggy......sigh

Still, a day off is a day off even if there's not too much you can do with it

Yesterday I decided to get some paper mounted on some frames and so, (after stabbing myself quite nastily in the knuckle with a steak knife, pulling staples out of a canvas) and then soaking some paper ready to go, then running around like a nut case looking for my staple gun, finding it in Shelli's room (grrrrrrrrrr) I still couldn't find any staples........needless to say the paper mounting waits still and my knuckle hurts.

I also woke up yesterday with a strange pain in my rib that has disappeared today so is obviously not a collapsed lung or anything too serious. It was there ALL day though, which was weird.

I know this stuff is not interesting really, but it is my life at the moment.

My mother came home last night.

She has lost weight. Her eyes tell the tale, she is very not well. (I meant to write it like that)

I'm not sure how I am feeling right now, About anything much at all really. Still. That's okay I guess. Normal even.

I know I need to be getting myself out of my head a bit. It's getting a bit intense in there lately.
I know I need to get out and have a bit of fun if possible, do some distracting stuff.
I hope that can happen.
I know lots of stuff, and nothing at all.
I feel a bit like a little kid again you know.
Waiting for the big people to tell me what to do.
I don't like it much.

I had a nice day out the other day, doing nothing much at all really. I liked that a lot. I need some more of that.

Somebody said to me the other day that I've been stuck in the box too long, and need to be bought up to speed on what's going on out there........yeah.

I'm going to put some work in the local art exhibition here in November.....why not. I'm putting a couple of bits in the cottage exhibition this week but that's not quite the same....the local art group holds a fairly large exhibition every year and gets a fair bit of exposure so that might be fun. And I joined it too, so maybe I will actually GO to a meeting or something? Hang out with the fuddy duddies .....who knows, out of these things interesting stuff might happen? At least it wont be in the 'box' staring out the window or typing crap. Or sitting in front of this computer waiting for something to fall out of the sky and hit me on the head.

I need a life. Really I do.

So I better go get one heh....

Or I will turn into a crazy lady, even crazier than right now.......a crazy alone old lady is not on my wish list of things I want to be one day.

I am fairly presentable, I used to know how to dance once upon a time, I can eat with utensils :) I guess I could be seen in public.....

I have been 'sort of' invited to a couple of things too.....I'm going to go, if I get properly invited.

I can always come home if I hate it can't I :)

Okay universe.....(I should never say this as it always works).......bring it on then


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bARE-eYED sUN said...



you'll feel better. :-)


Natalie said...

I was the Empress.LOL. xx♥

Sarah Lulu said...

I have had such a hectic year since I said yes to the Universe ...bring it on!

I've had a gorgeous event or musical or concert or holiday or something every week or two ...

I'm quite exhausted LOL.

For me?

I've been trying to THINK SO MUCH LESS.

Do more. Anything ...that involves taking a risk (for me)...

I say yes more and no hardly ever.

I accept invitations.

I give ALL the bad stuff, worries, mess and things I can't fix to God and the Universe and go do something nice instead.

I remember to be grateful ...imagine better and let go.


christopher said...

I am the Magician. :)

As if I didn't know. Love you dear. I bet I would be happy being seen with you.

Strawberry Girl said...

Ah, Michelle, I feel much the same as you do... life will get us if we don't get it... so let us embrace life... :)