Monday, August 14, 2006

33 things you may not know about me...

  1. I was born and grew up in Sydney. Filthy place and why I chose to raise my kids here.
  2. My eyes are blue
  3. Lots of the time I'm scared of stuff but do it anyway
  4. My hair wants to go grey but I'm not letting it
  5. I have four children 13, 14, 16 and 21. (3 girls, 1 alien)
  6. My crazy mat surfing cats name is Lilith. She belongs to my daughter Kayla but I'm claiming her. Even though I don't like cats.......sure
  7. I don't understand child abuse. How do people justify it to themselves
  8. I am an addict. I just havn't used for 5 years
  9. Part of me is still 7 years old and screaming silently behind my eyes
  10. My bum looks big in everything!!
  11. My partner is my best friend
  12. I have 2 dogs. Bear boy and Cassa
  13. I find it hard to deal with authority figures and feel equal to them
  14. I drink too much coffee
  15. I have too much stuff
  16. I also live with 2 fish (Gutz and Little Guy), a budgie (Minty) and a mouse (Mrs Hudini)(for obvious reasons)
  17. I own 10 belts and don't wear any of them because they make my bum look big in this
  18. I used to have big hair and wear headbands (gotta luv the 80's) (god, I'm old)
  19. I still have big hair, it grows out of my head that way...
  20. When I was young I wanted long, straight blonde hair
  21. My neck, shoulders and back hurt all the time
  22. I have 1 sister, 3 half brothers and a step sister and brother. I am the oldest child in my 'blood' family
  23. I don't like my mother very much
  24. I love M & M's
  25. My boobs used to walk into a room before I did. Now they just slink in beside me...(old, old, old)
  26. My bum has always looked big in this
  27. My nose is not red.....sorry Lisa couldn't resist
  28. But it is BIG
  29. I smoke
  30. Iwant to give up smoking very soon
  31. I love my life today
  32. When I close my eyes there is an eye looking at me
  33. Sometimes my heart hurts


Elizabeth said...

amazing.......I started anothe list this morning of '65 things you dont know about me' 7 didnt get it finished so I saved it in draft form !!! oh my Goddess !!
I dont think your nose is big & I do love the big hair- its so you - You forgot the bit about your sexy voice & amzing talent .......
Me x

Romy said...

Love your blog...You are funny.I live with a piscean. You lot are so deep, yet often so distant.

Anchell said...

I notice that nobody said my bum wasn't big!!!