Thursday, August 31, 2006

Moving on..

I grieve for you

who are you my mother
what drove you to pain
why do need me
to live you again

I cannot be
what you think you need
my sacrifice
so you do not bleed

I need to be whole
be all that I know
I need you to leave now
allow Me to grow

I grieve for you
what you will not be
what you cannot..
a mother to me

I let you go
and love you
I let you go
and grieve

I didn’t want
to leave you behind
but your journey is yours
and this one is mine

I grieve for you
and let you go



Elizabeth said...

between you & jacqui, In am running out of tissues.
That was beautiful michelle my belle- you write like you paint- with faith & beauty
E x

Kathleen said...

Your poem is beautiful, healing and poignant. Blessed Be Anchell