Saturday, August 12, 2006

Oh my goodness..

Wow, I m so excited. I have recieved all these comments and I think I've published them properly but you never know with me and computers. It took me 3 hours to get the bit that I've done figured out and I havn't got the links right.
Hello Nelly, welcome to my world. I will post more info on Avatar as I find it out.
As for the rest of you guys, thankyou, and as for you anonymous, I love you too my bear.
Had a very busy few days. For those of you who don't know, I attend Art School where I am in the process of doing my diploma in Fine Arts and it takes up much of my time. And leaves me quite exhausted most times...its high energy stuff for me but hey, Im living my dream so thats okay.
I'm still flying high after my revelations of wednesday night. I don't understand much but I do know that the energetic effect on me has been enormous.

Isn't this a beautiful painting. Done by a lady named Juanita Williams. I found it in book and try as I might I can't find anymore info on her anywhere. Its inspiring me lots...talks to my soul.
I want to create art that speaks to people on a soul level, in a universal language you words neccessary. And I will. I can do anything. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that, we can all do anything, we just have to move fear aside and "JUST DO IT".
Anyway, more later...

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