Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reflections on the past...

Today is my big girl's fathers birthday.
Malcolm passed over from an accidental overdose when Tahni was seven.
She never got the chance to know her father.
There were reasons for that of course. At the time they seemed relevant, but later....regrets.
I always thought that I would see him again and that we would share this special child one day but that was never to be.
If I knew then what I know now Mal, I would never have deprived you of the pleasure of her. I would have known that people are not perfect for a reason. I wouldn't have been a hypocrite.
I would have loved and appreciated you much more than I was capable of at the time.
I don't feel responsible
I don't feel guilt
I don't feel shame
I feel regret for the waste of you.
I thank you for our daughter, she is a light in the world.
I send you love and light on your journey my friend.

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Elizabeth said...

I send him light & love as well. He gifted you with a daughter extraordiniare.
He had a time & place - he had a reason, a purpose & a season. He touched your life & you his. That is what it is all about.
Me x