Saturday, August 19, 2006

For Jaqui

Hello there....

Can you see her hiding there?
Eyes closed tight, shaven hair
Wounds a’weeping, bruises bright
Squinting now, to see the light
I can feel her hiding there
I long to stroke her shining hair
To hold her close and whisper
Everything will be alright
Come with me, my little girl
Take my hand into this world
I will hold you
Keep you safe

from harm
From viscious lies and twisted rantings
Strange dark men and evil pantings
Women who would spit apon your innocence
Children cruel and lovers dense
Encourage you, no need defense
I will hold you close by me
Together we can look and see
That its okay to grow up now
Come my child, I’ll show you how
Open up those shining eyes
And look
Look apon the faces here
There is no need for you to fear
I lead you here, to this place
to look apon your little face
to see the wonder, the great surprise
when you open up your eyes
and see
that everything will be alright
I can love you now
My child inside
There is no need for you to hide
From me
For I am you
And you are me
We’re not alone for we are we
Side by side
Inside each other
You be child
I’ll be mother
We’ll give each other
What we need
No longer will our
spirit bleed
Come stand by me
And see the light
There is no need
For us to fight

-hello there


Elizabeth said...

my goddess, did you write that !
its amazingly magnigicient......

Rylah said...

That is so beautiful... It makes my heart ache. I am trying to befriend my own inner child but she is so scared and wary of everyone and everything...
A gorgeous poem, Anchell, you are so talented sweety, in so many ways!