Thursday, August 31, 2006


Had a weird dream again. I was in that state between sleep and awake (this bits for real) and I could hear radio static/noise in my left ear. American voices having a conversation. Then I must have gone to sleep and in my dream I was still in bed telling someone (might have been my darlin') that I was being tuned in and wasn't it great blah blah....oh well, can't remember any more, any opinions or is it just the obvious?
Feeling a bit down today.
Undeserving, unsure, all that old crap giving me a little nudge. At least it doesn't drown me these days.
Not a happy body, I think I'm fighting an infection somewhere. Guess I have to go to the quack after all.
I'm still feeling that energy around me though.
Last night at the cottage there was a guest speaker who, in the course of the conversation, said that she was being prepared to 'channel' and went on to explain the 'symptoms' of that which are pretty much exactly what I've been experiencing in regards to this energy 'strangeness'. I was thinking that I had a new guide on the way.......hmmmm. We will see. It sure feels like something quite powerful.
Am doing some washing (big thrill) seeings as we have been blessed with beautiful sunshine today. It feels a bit strange not having anything to do. No school. Almost like a holiday except I'm not well. If the yard wasn't full of big dogs and their various by products I'd probably go and sit in it.
definitely no energy to deal with that!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I think eventually we will all channell & I would imagine that what you are feeling is preparation for that( the right sided stuff that is)
It may be just the way we will continue to communicate with the higher beings- i read some Kris chanellings- interesting - along the same lines as Michael. Go to
the Doctors- Robert is a wonderful channel too-take care.