Thursday, August 10, 2006

The next bit of the first bit...

My blog is written in the name Anchell Blue (thats me!)
This is my soul name, revealed to me by Archangel Micheal, through my beautiful soul sister, Raihn (please read her blog, its full of good stuff).
My other name is Michelle (thats me too!)
Who am I?
Good question......I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend, a healer, a survivor of addiction, a drum maker, a student, an artist.....thats probably enough for now, I'm sure I'll think of more later.
I wasn't sure where to start and then I realised that this, for me, is the beginning. So, I'll just start here.
Yesterday I found out that I am an Avatar. I'm not even sure how to spell it but you may know this as a 'walk in' if you are a little spiritually educated (if not keep coming back and I will share what I learn with you)
It feels like today is the start of my life. My new life of getting to know me on a whole new level. And hopefully making some sense of the jumble of jig saw pieces that remain after the rest of them fell into place last night.
I guess I will try to use this space as some kind of journal. A place to share some of me (something I struggle with) with other like minded souls and hopefully you will share you with me too.
I am blessed to live in a world that includes the people I have in my life today and I just know that there are a whole new group of friends just waiting to happen.
So, now we've got that sorted out .....Welcome to My World. I'm very pleased to meet you.


Elizabeth said...

Hello baby, I'm here. yes, a wonderful idea for you to start blogging & I love the photos- you are too cute !!
keep writing & sharing- its theraputic & entertaining
E x

Elizabeth said...

yes, my girlfriend - i have added a link to your weblog from my site- now everyone will find you !
E x

Romy said...

Welcome to the world of BLOG....Remember, once you write your words down they go from the world of the unknown to the world of the known....

Rylah said...

Wow! Everyone is blogging! Lisa has started a trend! Well done on your first posts, you write really well, as I thought you would ;) Thankyou so much for the beautiful comments you leave for me on my blog... I'm really looking forward to reading yours aswell, would love to share some of this exciting journey with you. I too, feel changed significantly since wednesday night. I thought it would 'wear off' but it hasn't. I could see that you were on the brink of a major discovery about yourself and your life, and I'm so glad I was there to see that and share the energy! Wasn't he amazing. Anyhow, good luck with working out the blogging, most of it's pretty easy. Take care of yourself...
Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

She may not be sixteen!!! but she's beautfull, and she's mine. Luv ya Wolf

Nelly said...

whats an avatar?