Sunday, August 13, 2006

A day of rest?

This is me, poor tired little Pisces fish.......
Well, its been a long exciting week and I'm paying for it today I think. Can't seem to get out of my own road. Thats okay, I needed to slow down. My energy levels feel a bit more balanced anyway. No more cloud surfing for me today...

Did some painting, very colourful so far...I love colour, it just sings.
Did some more shopping, one day I will get organised and do it all in one go. I've been saying that for about 40 years I think. But then I'd miss all the bargains....

I found this little bit of wisdom in a novel I'm reading.....I thought it was quite apt.
"...think of Michelangelo...he expressed a vision by creating through the medium of paint, patterns of colour. The paint is of vital importance but in the end its the pattern that matters and the pattern that can be reproduced in another medium..."
(Susan Howatch- A Question of Integrity) ( I can so footnote teacher of mine!!!)
Talking about the body (the paint) and the soul (the pattern) and how reincarnation works. Bit profound thought I!

I need to find out what all the 8's are about. I've got 8's going on all over the place and have had a realization that everything of major significance that has happened to me, over the past 8 years is linked to yet more 8's. Might be time to research numerology???? Ahh, but when to find the time?

Have decided to use spell check or else hire a proof reader. And I fought I was educated proper....

Time for this body to retire.....must brush teeth.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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