Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another day another lightbulb...

Things I did today

Only 2 loads of washing, thank you sunshine

Stared into space for about 20 mins. I usually need to do this for much longer before becoming human, thats why I rise at 6 for a 7 o'clock start most days.

Went to Bunnings. I love Bunnings but it sends me broke. My partner cringes when I say I need to go there and to the art supply shop. Anyway, I got the board I need to stretch my paper for Lisa's Blue Star Child picture. And a tool box. And some tacks.....and.....

Went to Woolies and bought yet more food to feed the ravenous hoards that live in my house and eat up all my income. What doesn't get spent on hot water ends up down the toilet eventually. I'm thinking about getting all my money direct debited to Woolworths and Energy Australia to save me the bother of giving it to them.

Went to the afternoon with Karen Brown at Rose Cottage ( see link attatched until I can get my other links sorted out).

Karen is a beautiful Angel Intuitive who led me to having several more epiphanies of the light bulb oh-my-gosh-i-knew-that variety. We are doing another workshop with her next weekend and it will be wonderful I'm sure. She was very confirming also about the information I recieved the other night regarding the 'walk in' stuff. I'm posting some info I've found on here after this.

(I refuse to be a grandmother just yet. I know I did it to my mother when she was 38 but that doesn't mean it needs to be perpetuated.....)

I have decided to 'create' a workshop working with colour and symbols and I think the aim of it to put people in touch with or even activate their creative energy flow. Its one of those things that have been drifting around in the back of my concsiousness for ages and the time is now right. Having lots of those moments this week.....look out world

Was told twice this week that I am always connected to the universe. That explains lots but more on that another time. Its like Im a tree, a really, really big open crown chakra that just gets things dropped into it to be passed through to the earth (healing energy and one of the main reasons I'm here) and passed on to others, an energy boost if you like. Thats how I understand it so far anyway. Glad I'm not trying to be profound here....

Stretched paper in preperation for tommorrow. Stretching paper is simply soaking a piece of watercolour paper and then gum taping it to a board to dry so that when you apply a very wet medium, such as watercolour, it doesn't buckle up etc.

Cooked 5 dinners and ate one of them.

Mucked around with my funny kids. A house full of teenagers is sometimes hell and other times side splitting. I have a 14 yr old commedienne who doesn't ever get into trouble because you can't yell convincingly when you're rolling around on the ground wetting your daks.

Tonight my son spoke more than 4 words in row. Sometimes he says "whats for diiner mum" and then its 5 words but tonight he was positively verbose and spoke whole sentences for at least half an hour....theres hope for him yet. I don't really understand 16 year old boys!

Listened to my 13 year old daughter play smoke on the water on an out of tune guitar with a straight face. God I'm good.

Spent half an hour on the mobile with my big girl (who WONT make me a grandmother anytime soon!!!) and was mightily entertained by her tales of working in the lab at uni and living in the catholic place....more about my catholic baby some other time. She's finding herself her way and she's beautiful.

I am blessed with all four of my kids. Some days I wish there wasn't quite so many of them but they're not going back now!!!

I've posted a picture of one of the drums my partner and I make. We make beautiful shamanic spirit drums and other spiritual healing tools.

And now I'm here....

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Elizabeth said...

gosh you write well- I so love to be inspired & at this point in time, you are IT dear sister...........
love you but have been married to a builder for far too long to love bunnings........
Elizabeth blue