Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well, its Saturday now, yay, and the school week is over. I am always exhausted by the end of the week. So much to do, so little time to do it. I've been surfing around on the internet looking for information on symbols and walk-ins that resonates with me and I'm going to share what I find that feels relevant. When I have my own opinion I'll share that too!
Right now my mind is chock a block full of questions, ideas and a great deal of confusion, so I won't share that. Clarity is coming....I feel it.
Going to Rose Cottage this arvo to do a workshop with Karen Brown and looking forward to that and to spending some time with my soul sister and getting my 'batteries' recharged.
I have been observing people in the art world this week and the question that comes to mind frequently is
" Why do these people have to intellectualise everything to death?"
Art, to me, is an intuitive process and by intellectualising it you lose the meaning in the very attempt to express it. Does that make sense??
I have been 'recieving' some really exciting ideas this week to do with my artwork and I can hardly wait to start playing with them. It's all about colour and symbols and how they (the symbols) are actually 'activators' in a subliminal way to our sub-concious, they 'wake us up' and help us to remember the stuff we've forgotten.
I would really like some feedback on this because it feels really important.
Something to do with why I am here.
Anyway, must stop blogging and tend to teenagers stomachs so I can go be spiritual with a clear concience (how do you spell that? Blank head...)

Manifesting is the ability to give three-dimensional reality to an idea, concept or thought. In order to manifest successfully, that is, to bring an idea into physical being, you need to be very grounded, very connected to the earth and your own physical body. Doubt, fear, stress and too much humility are the biggest blocks to manifesting your dream. Imagine being so aware and focused in your thinking, so connected to the earth and alive in your body, and so present and powerful, that you can know with deep trust and conviction that you can manifest, anything you want for your highest good!

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Kathleen said...

The intellectualism of the Art world is one of the reasons I am on leave of absence from my BT/BFA right now, I too feel that art is intuitive, expressive, and it doesn't have to be analysed "intellectually" as such.

Yes!!! the embedded/encoded/subliminal symbols for activation of "forgotten" knowledge has an important feeling...there is something "intangible" that speaks of completion...go for it!