Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ritual chooks and cats on heat....

Thank you for the comments oh wise one...yes you.
I'm finding myself rather amusing today.
Recieved an email from my sister asking why she got a phone call from an hysterical sobbing mother we both know...and so it begins, web weaver extrordinaire my mum....anyway, so I told her and I haven't heard back yet. The family pattern is that I get into the trouble, my sister is the good girl who tries to make it all better and still keep lots of distance in case it rubs off....hmmmm.
My poor little cat is on heat for the first time. This is sooo funny. She spent yesterday and the day (and nights, not funny at all) before wondering around the house yowling her little head off looking so confused about it all whilst peeing down every drain she could find (okay, that wasn't so funny either, bleach is good, I love bleach) and so, after spending last night in the cat box in the garage (not cruel, we need sleep) she is now rubbing herself all over the furniture and slinking around the place presenting her bottom to anything that touches her (including my darlin' who doesn't know whether to be disgusted or amused) looking for a boy cat to 'play' with ( I have known some women like this...). I feel so sorry for her, she's not quite sure what hit her. How long does this last Jaqui???
Yes, I'm getting her desexed so she isn't inflicted with this anymore.
I am hereby recommending highly, to anyone who cares, two albums by Bliss. Flying Free and One Hundred Thousand Angels are just doing it for me at the moment...beautiful stuff.
My lovely friend Elizabeth seems to think that we should be performing ritual on our dead meat. I think that she is probably right. However, the beasts that come here to be eaten are thanked and blessed and that just about does it. I have however found something in the fridge that definately needs ritual..... and burial!!!!!!
Back to painting...I love blogs.


salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

I just had to leave a comment saying "hello". I found your blog through Raihn Drops. I read her's faithfully as she is inspirational.
It's silly, but I'm giddy to read about another woman who is a pisces-fire horse, artistic, has a difficult mother and smoke. I have yet to meet one in person. Somehow, I always felt I would feel less alone if I knew of one, even remotely.
My blog is morose, and haven't had much time to post nor comment. I wrote to heal, and I'm alright for the moment. Life is constantly hectic and neverending. I love my life and grateful everyday.
Your paintings are melodic and mesmerizing. I would love to have one of your paintings, except I can only barter with jewelry I'm in the process of making.
You are fabulous regarding your mother. I ran out of steam and stamina with mine.

Peace and Joy

Rylah said...

Poor little lilith! Cats usually stay on heat for about 4 to 6 days if they don't mate. If they mate, they'll go out of heat straight away. She'll come into heat again in about 2 to 3 weeks if you don't get her desexed. Most vets will desex her while she's in heat, but it'll probably cost you more, especially if she's pregnant.... (I forgot, is she exclusively indoors? If not be careful, she'll wander...)
Dr. Jacqui xXx

Elizabeth said...

my goodness........give me a piddling poodle anyday !!

Anchell said...

I would love to see your jewellery....I have been known to have far too much of it but not in my opinion.

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

You can never have too much jewelry. I agree. I'll be happy to show you as soon as I can. Since my children do not go back to school till 14 more days, I have nothing to show on the internet. If you can wait 3 months, I'll probably have something to show.
Why 3 months? I have to get a battery for the digital camera. I have to set-up studio since it is being used as storage right now. I can only open the door and squeeze in. I'm a perfectionist which is a handicap I'm trying to overcome. I'm doing chainmaille with glass and/or semi-precious beads; whereby, every ring must close completely exact. My husband and children whom I adore are high maintenance. I'm working on it, so I can do more jewelery. I work as a building superintendent for a living. Okay, this is long enough. Soon, I'm so excited about doing my artworks. I'm losing sleep.