Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've come to the conclusion that...

  • Feather dusters aren't much good for anything (might be good for fluffy bunnies?)
  • Cats actually like the taste of stinky fish bowl water, paint water and cockroaches. On the cat planet these are considered delicacies...
  • Dogs dig holes because they can
  • Teething dogs eat anything! Including palm trees, wood piles, ceramic pots and garden furniture
  • Children never like today what they ate last week, with relish and great gusto, but don't tell you this until after you have just cooked a huge amount of it for them
  • Organic chicken breast can't be worth $32.99 a kilo. That's half a bottle of Gojigoodjuice!
  • Cats don't like cat food because it sucks
  • Meatloaf smells like cat food
  • Cats would rather starve and chase you around the house batting at your feet in great disgust than eat cat food
  • Kit e Cat is okay, whiskas is not
  • Uncle Toby has a lot to answer for and owes me about $12,000
  • Short children CAN so put grubby footprints up a bathroom wall, its why they do it that I'm not too sure about
  • Toilets do not clean themselves. Ever. Even when ordered to and ignored in contempt and disgust.
  • Toilets cannot be manipulated
  • Neither can kitty litter
  • Dust is elusive. Just when you think you got it all.....
  • Cockroaches thrive on Baygon. Humans do not
  • I am still an addict because 1000 Goji juices are never enough
  • You can never have enough crystals
  • 14 year olds like laying in dark rooms looking at walls
  • A partial explanation for parents can be found in the dictionary under 'quandary'
  • Ditto for teenagers
  • Men really are from Mars ( except for my darlin', he's from Orion)
  • I like who I am
  • The world is a strange place
  • It's much easier to express yourself with your hands than it is with your mouth


Elizabeth said...

that cat seems to have control of your house !

Rylah said...

I can so relate!
Jacqui xXx

rainbowspirit said...

Oh my god 'chell - you crack me up!!! I can relate to 90% of that. Cats and Kids...... hmmmmmm what can i say. Luv Jen