Monday, September 04, 2006

another beauty..

Here is another article of interest for us.
I have posted a link to this lady's website in my side bar and also a link to mine and my darlin's website, Sacred Drums. Ours is a work in progress, has been for a while now, it's been a very busy year.
Any, have a look and see what we do when we aren't donig everything else!


Elizabeth said...

so is your website now up & running ?
can i promote it too ?

Rylah said...

Wow... I felt like he was talking straight to me! These articles are great - keep up the good work sweetie!

Love your symbol too. And I had a look at your sacredrums website and it's great - beautiful drums! You both do a fantastic job.

Love and light,
Jacqui xXx