Friday, September 22, 2006

my day

  • Up at six
  • all the school, lunch etc crap
  • 2 half cups of coffee and lots of smokes
  • in car, off to school myself
  • more coffee, real this time, aaahhhh
  • sit bum in front of computer and try to make image on photoshop
  • ruin it
  • ruin it
  • ruin it
  • forget to save it
  • do it again
  • and again
  • and yet once more
  • smoke heavily in playground whilst contemplating jail term for malicious damage of property
  • sigh
  • go back in
  • finish it
  • looks pretty bad but its done
  • more coffee
  • go to library and load up with 14 000 art books and cart them out to car
  • go to sculpture
  • contemplate large block of limestone with glee and start chipping
  • and scraping
  • and breathing in lots of dust
  • and wiping dust in eyes
  • get safety glasses, good look, trust me
  • and eating dust
  • wind blows and dusts blows down bra and throat
  • shake dust out of shoes
  • and off self
  • do it all again
  • and again
  • and again
  • wipe dust in hair just so it matches rest of self
  • try to lick dust off teeth
  • drill giant hole in block with manual drill requiring strength of ten men
  • give up half way through due to lactosity in muscles of arms
  • class ends
  • clean up mountains of dust and contemplate next week with dread
  • go to car and retrieve gigantic paintings in frames weighing 70 tonne each and haul into gallery space
  • gather with classmates and stand around looking useless contemplating where to hang work without offending anyone
  • wait for teacher to arrive and make decision for me
  • teacher arrives 30 minutes late
  • I get hung in foyer, top spot, worth wait
  • climb up 15 ' ladders and stick small things with big strings into slots whilst ladder is not in quite right place thereby necessitating one to stretch out in dangerous manner and wobbly arm muscles protest fiercely
  • do it again
  • and again
  • and again
  • go back and do it once more to straighten up all crooked pictures that looked just fine from 15 ' up in the air
  • security guard kicks us out so he can go home and be a normal joe
  • phew
  • I go home to wash off accumulated dust
  • and empty bra
  • and now Im here
  • hmmmmm......


rainbowspirit said...

If you need a photoshop session, let me know - happy to help. Hope you didnt get dust 'everywhere' - girl is not a cement mixer you know!!! lol

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

Your paintings in a gallery is a great experience. There is just something about your artworks in a special space showing them off individually without distractions. I wish I could see it.
I gave up ceramics because I lived with dust for 2 years. There was a cloud everywhere I went. Can you post the picture of your sculpture when you're done?


Anchell said...

This girl is definatly a cement mixer. Soap doesn't actually remove dust in this case, it sets it!
Yes Bernadette I will post it. It could however end up the size of a golfball as I am just 'winging it' with no particular form in mind except for 'flow'. Hmmmm By the way, the pictures I hung today werem\n't the ones Ive been posting, they aren't school work. Just some still lifes and a couple of sculptures. One day the others will hang somewhere worthy I hope....

Elizabeth said...

anchell- stop wearing a bra !

Anchell said...

If I stop wearing a bra I will bruise my knees!

Cyndy said...

C ;)xoxo

Anchell said...

alright then, my ribs...