Friday, September 15, 2006

things I must remember to remember...

  • Fish do not make noise when they are hungry (well, my fish Gutz, throws his pebbles around a bit) so just because one moved them to the other room doesn't mean one can forget to feed them.
  • Fish die without regular food input
  • So do mice
  • Actually so do cats, dogs and children but they are much noisier about it and you have to lock them in cupboards and lie to authorities and other such things....
  • Paint does not dry quicker when I watch it
  • Making giant fruit salad AND vegetable soup AND forgetting to buy bread on the same day will not make me popular with the carnivores
  • Budgies also die without food
  • Mothers die without food and thats why they eat lots of raisin toast sometimes
  • Silence is necessary sometimes
  • Electricity must be paid for......
  • Also phones
  • If I don't buy credit my phone doesn't work
  • If I don't tell people I love them they don't know even though I spend my whole life doing stuff for them this is not enough, I must show affection on a regular basis
  • Not to give in to Kayla's extremely inventive pleas for return of music machine
  • To love son in spite of abnormal, unsocial behavioral aberrations
  • To buy more avocados
  • To figure out why blog wont post pictures just now
  • To stop when this is quite enough..................

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Cyndy said...

Situation normal
;) xoxox