Saturday, September 30, 2006


I would dearly love to know you in the physical.
And I dont mean that in a rude way!
Yes, I am a smartarse, a wise one?, Im not so sure, but then so are you, I dont even know why I am writing this except it feels important to not scare you away.
Maybe its too late.
You speak like I think.
Is that weird? I dont know.
In life, I have found, sometimes we just have to take a risk, maybe this is one of those times?There is nothing wrong with fun but if I have inadvertantly hurt you then I am truly sorry. Please dont be a stranger....the information you have left is so cryptic that I cannot understand it.
Does that sound familiar to you?
How was I your way out?
And you didnt pi#@ me off, I like you.
If I knew a way to send this directly, I would.


Cyndy said...

Yes....we all need.....

Shergar said...

Dear Anchell, I have left all the 'hobgoblin' stuff behind, but I am, and always will be drawn to witches and paraphysicals (and stuff)(as yer 16 yr old schoolboy would say!). Yes I was narked about the 'pervert' thing as I am sick of being called things that I am not. Although Gippo unfortunately was reasonably accurate.. I am over the 'pervert' thing now though. Yes my reply was aimed squarely at you (I was lashing out) and was unwarranted. I am sorry I had a go at you.
I am not ready to re-enter a world of wicca but I felt a connection here, particularly with Elisabeth. I needed a ticket out in case I chickened out so I called the biggest cynic of us all 'the wise one' knowing that it would actually make you more cynical, so no matter how acceptive everyone else was, you would have a nagging doubt in the back of your mind. Sorry, it wasn't fair to use you like that. I never meant to imply that you were a smartarse! (great attitude though!) I am also a terrible flirt, most likely caused by being surrounded by women most of my life and this probably comes accross in my writing, which is actually me talking. So if ever I do make it to the cottage, I expect:
a. To have my balls chopped off by angry wiccans or
b. To get kissed and cuddled by every female over the age of 21 (unless of course I am a pervert in which case see (a)).
My internet use will now get spasmodic as I withdraw again so if you write and I don't reply it is not because I am ignoring you.
X Shergar

Anchell said...

Thank you for that. I was worried. I hope we do meet. I am not actually a 'wiccan' or whatever you want to call it. am however a seeker. And I think that I am so very close to finding what it is that I have been seeking. I have a sneaking suspicion that you may well be part of it all.
May you find peace in your heart
Me xx

Elizabeth said...

it is paul.......

Cyndy said...

Be careful being a life, as in Harry Potter, there are 'bludgers' ready to impede you....
<3 C ;)

Anchell said...

What is it we are after??? A golden snitch? Hmmmmm

Cyndy said...

We're always after the prize....