Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things i'm not too sure about....

  • Why, if I'm doing what I want to do, I don't want to go to school tommorrow even though I've just had a week off?
  • Why a shoe full of 13 holes, made from thread, costs $120?
  • What the deal is with nine moons?
  • Why, when I have slept during the day and all night for the past 9 days, am I still so tired?
  • Why 16 year old boys don't speak? Is it an Adams Apple growth requirement?
  • Why indoor soccer games for kids start at 8.30 pm?
  • Why my son has more money than I do and still wants $3 for a maxi-bon?
  • Why he has more money than me anyway? (must have something to do with me paying for all the maxi-bons)
  • What I can feed a 13 year old who doesn't like meat, chicken, fish, vegetables or fruit? Kibble?
  • Why my back hurts constantly?
  • Why is the sky blue? Oh, thats right, Jaqui told me...
  • How these paintings will get 'out there' for people to see???
  • Why I leave everything till the last minute? eg: 3 reviews due on Thursday!
  • Why I'm not excited about drawing the landscapes I CAN see?
  • Why just about everything actually?


Elizabeth said...

why, why, why.........you sound like me.......will we ebver know what we are about ?

yours in blue

Kathleen said...

It what keeps us going...the eternal search for answers - for finding the truth : )