Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, here we are and its Sunday again.
My darlin' and I went to a party last night and a friend of ours was there. This lady, Suzanna, is a reader and a medium and is very connected. Every time I was talking to her the 'energy' I have been talking about previously in this blog gave me a huge nudge. Eventually I mentioned to her what was happening. To cut a long story short, she 'tuned in' and tells me that this is my 'muse'. A guide to work with me on my art. He ( I say he as he came through on my right side)came through to her looking like a satyr, complete with hairy legs but only one horn. Try as I might I cant find much info on satyr's on the net. Anybody got any information for me please????
Satyr aside I actually feel that this is possibly the 'face' he wore with her as thats what she would see.
I got the name Pytah, similar to Peter but not. That name has been cropping up for a long time.
The other strange thing to happen was that some friends called in today bringing with them their little 'blue star' girl (3 years old and bright as a button) with them. This kid kept looking at me and then proceeding to babble on about 'Mary'. The name Mary has been coming to me for quite a few months too. Any input on that would be appreciated too.
You hearing me?? Yes, you.....
To move on from all that, yesterday was a nice day. I spent half of it at the cottage with my other darlin' Miss Raihn and a lovely afternoon was had by all as we delved into our pasts and thought about what we needed to let go of and acknowledged how far we have come.
personally, I know I am light years away from the me who lived a short 5 years ago.
Thank gawd I say!
I have been considering this letting go of things and I think what I need to let go of most of all is my fear of people seeing and knowing who I really am.
I suppose I have been hiding myself for various reasons for a long, long time now and it has become a survival technique that I adopted and didn't really know I had. Not on the level I do anyway. I know now.
I am uncertain of how to go about this but I know from past experience that once I am aware then things happen in such a way that I just do it.
All it takes is awareness and intent.
The rest is just following the lines, if you know what I mean.
Well, I am aware and willing and I want it gone.
Lets see what happens now huh.
I am feeling better these past few days than I have for weeks.
Im hoping that that will continue.
Raihn's new Michael message speaks to me. (as usual)
I am content.
And tired.
And thats okay.. I am that I am



Rylah said...

So glad you're feeling better sweety. Mary seems to be around a few of us right now. Lisa's got her Mary Mag, and during a reiki healing a few weeks ago she said I had a strong presence of Mother Mary around me. Hmmm...

Elizabeth said...

' i am that i am'
Yes, so much makes so much sense ( I think)
of late I have been drawn to the Magdalene * have learned some amazing things........In the Past few weeks renata has been called very strongly to the Mary name, in fact went to the Catholic emporium & bought them out of Mary's.
The book I am reading points out that in fact both Mary's & a third, MaryJacob were actually the three faces /aspects of the Goddess...I wonder what is in store here...........
you are beautiful- i love the simplistic tone of Michaels messages- basically 'do this and everything will be ok" I love you too, Mary..............astually you look like a mary...big hair and all...........
the other half

Anchell said...

....more will be revealed. Im off to 'bone up' on Mary's!

Romy said...

Well then one of my immaculate medals must belong to you....collect next time you see me please..

Romy said... you know that she was only 13 when she gave reading an excelent book about her at the moment.

Anchell said...

I need to borrow all these books!
My daughter (the catholic scientist virgin)=(scary) wants me to paint her a 'Mary'. Everyone else has a 'Mary' down there but she wants a 'mummy mary'. Too cute, the pagan painting the catholic a mary...I have to do it...

Rylah said...

The book I am reading right now is called "The Sirius Connection" and in it it talks about ancient egypt and it's links with atlantis and beings from sirius. It says that the Dogon tribe of africa have had information on Sirius for thousands of years that is only now being proved by science. They claimed that the Sirians visited them and will return in the future. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all this, is because the Dogon tribe also said that the Sirians taught them that we (humans) live on the fourth earth, on the third earth there were 'men with horns' (satyrs), on the fifth earth there were 'men with tails' (feline people), and on the sixth earth there were 'men with wings'.
Just thought I'd mention this.
Um, wanna borrow this book too? (thought so)
Love and light,
Rylah xXx

Anchell said...

Hmmmmm. Ooookaaayyy. Yes, I do want to borrow everybodies books.
Thats interesting in light of all of those connections (egypt, sirius, Isis, Mary etc etc stc Lately and forever)