Friday, September 08, 2006

Still whingin..

Yep, I'm still whinging. My body hurts, my head is stuffed, my energy is low and I am full of undigested chocolate.
I feel like crap.
Came home early from school today and slept till not very long ago. I just don't know whats going on with me right now, but I do know that I'm mightily sick of it. I have been asleep more than awake this past week or so and still want more sleep. Hmmmm
I did the little numbers thing on Raihn's blog (thanks) and found out that I am a 3 (life), a 6 (soul) and a seven (name) and far too many hours old and that christmas ( the old c word!) is too close for comfort.
Funnily enough my darlin' is also a 6 (soul) and a 7 (name) but a 6 (life). Guess we must like each other after all. Heehee
Am working on a new painting that is proving to be a challenge. Grrrrrr....
Trying to be enthused about photography but every time I stuff up a print (very often) its another dollar in the bin that I could spend on something food for the hoards or more importantly, paint for me!
Am also trying to be enthused by a sculpture teacher who thinks that threading things on a pole is the ultimate way to express your creativity, yeah right, and to draw something that resembles a landscape of the earth variety. Its all too bloody hard.
I wonder if swearing incurs karma? I've been doing quite a bit of it this week..
Oh well, you have these weeks I suppose.
I am looking forward to doing International Angel Day on sunday with the crew. Should be great.
I think Germaine Greer did herself some damage this week...silly cow should find something real to whinge about.
I wonder if you're thinking that about me right now.........
I'm so grateful that its Friday.......


Elizabeth said...

hey baby- glad you are getting the sleep you need & I understand about photography threading things on poles- wasted money & boredom- my two least favourite things.
Not thinking at all that you are whinging, merely human like the rest of us- I think you could do with some of Solaras drops & most of this stuff is probably the Goji cleaning you out.
Love you what ever,
you are
E x

Kathleen said...

I have been thinking how we all seem to go up and down emotionally/mentally/physically at different times - bit like a mexican wave - and how we are supporting each others progress!

Kathleen xOx