Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well, well, well

Far out. What a reaction to a painting.
Has everyone read Raihn's message from Ryone?? If not then do so immediately!
I have so many questions.
At first I thought the large figure was male but then Mother Mary came to me as well.
Do you see (in the first photo in Phew) the other face looking from in between the other two figures?
It got painted out but its so obvious in that photo.
Its female too.
And yes, I think the being in the corner is someone very important.
everybody's reaction to this painting has been to be stunned by the feelings generated, peace and much love and maybe a little sorrow too.
My darlin' worried over it like it was a little child when I was highlighting the figures, in case I wrecked it.
Me too! It was very intense and I didn't know why.
Now, after the message from Ryone, I do.
I will bring it to the cottage on Monday night.
I wrote a poem, I seem to do that when I'm feeling intense:
behind my eyes
look and see
in a moment such as this
just look
behind my eyes
and feel
the never ending bliss
see the spark
the blinding spark
forever shining bright
come with me
and ride the spark
floating in the light
drifting, soaring, way up there
in the nothing
and the all
that we are
and I am

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Elizabeth said...

I am out of words.......just want to give you a hug.......YOU ARE!