Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interesting things that happen when your kids are all in highschool

  • Head lice stop coming home with your kids (a fact that I and my wallet and all of my spare time are truelly grateful for)
  • Mothers can stop hiding their hairbrushes in hard to reach places in fear of catching the above
  • Money goes much less further than it did a short while ago
  • Kmart stops being the in place to shop (bugger)
  • The youngest slowly stops being treated like the plague by siblings
  • The oldest starts to be embarrassed about crappy test results in subjects that the younger siblings have beaten him in
  • Swear words become cool instead of naughty
  • No one is fooled into thinking carrot sticks are better than LCM's
  • Pizza is suddenly better than Macca's
  • Hair grows and is removed in secret rituals involving using all of mums new razors and leaving old ones in the packet
  • Mothers start hiding razors in secret hard to reach places that hairbrushes used to be in
  • Hair grows in the bathtub and needs secret ritual involving lawn mowers and weed killer to remove it
  • Hair also grows in plug holes and hard to reach corners
  • High 5 turns into Death Meets Sally in a Doorway and Cuts Her 3@#*#^ Head Off
  • I love you mummy is now pronounced "don't you know anything" (with a silent stupid)
  • Bodies distort
  • Pimples grow, very large and painful looking
  • Young girls wop history then hate their mothers for punishing them


Elizabeth said...

My cousin Cyndy aka anoymous has the whole blogging world talking.......who is she, who is she........why doesnt she blog ?

well, she is my cousin, mother of three totally original, strong & unique blue stars like herself. She is real, strong, complex & beautiful. She is earthy & sensible ( sorry Cyndy) . we sahre a common Uncle ( sorry uncle Al) and have known each other all our lives & I mean lives.
She likes me just the way I am & knows all of my secrets- well one in particular & thats another story.
I wish she would start a weblog- she is so much more fun than I am.........

Elizabeth said...

yes, I know all about the secret hair removing rituals & the 'boy in front of video camera' thing.

Where did she go during History, that is my question & more to the point, did she learn more than she would have in history class???????

Oh, how easy it is for me to be a smart ass when its not my son doing the wopping............

You are a great mother michelle- they are only with you because you have something to teach them.......
love you
Me x

Anchell said...

Yes, I have taught them what not to do for the first half of your life.
She went and hung around in the bloody tunnel at broadmeadow station with her equally naughty friend!!! How boring...Maybe she smoked??? Nah

Severina said...

I'm terrified and I still have 9 years to go...aaarghghg, thanks for the warning :))))