Thursday, September 14, 2006

funny fings wot 'appen

Hello all.
Today has been a little odd.
I went into school and did my class. Odd in itself this week.
unfortunately I had nothing important that I needed with me so it was a useless exercise.
Then I thought I would meander up to the salvo's and see if there were any cheap frames I could revamp and there weren't.
So I browsed through the bookshelf and came upon a book entitled "The Star-Borne" that, of course, I bought. It was written in the late 1980's and is all about the awakening of the last wave (4th dimensional) .......hmmmm.
More bloody questions!
It is also about telling us that we are our own angel. That our 'guardian angel' is in fact our 'higher self'.
This is resonating with me for some reason.
It's written by a woman called Solara. Some of it feels 'old' and some of it feels quite relevant.
I am extremely 'over' feeling so exhausted and flat. I want it to be finished...NOW.
I am looking forward to Saturday at the cottage. Its one of the only places I feel comfortable in at the moment.
My period is due.
I've put on weight and feel fat....I did read somewhere that ascension would put weight on temporarily, especially round the tum.....seems like a good excuse to me.
Anyway, fat is relative! I'm not sure to what though.
I have a cold sore trying valiantly to come and get me...I think the Goji is keeping it at bay.
Actually, speaking of Goji, I think that what I feel like is much like a detox.......I have detoxed before in less pleasant times of my life and this feels awfully familiar and is lasting much longer.......hmmmmm.
My son is a pig get that.
My daughter has got over me taking her music machine away and now resorts to occasional wounded bleatings that go something like this...
"...can't I just listen to it on the way to school, whine, snuffle, pleeeaaassseeee mummyyyy..........".
I of course look suitably stern and dreadfully old and mature and say
"sucked in chick...... consequences, baby, consequences. Do the crime do the time"
and that sort of morally uplifting type thing.
To which she replies
"how could you do this to is my LIFE......can I just have my earphones and I'll pretend I can hear it....."
To which I respond more thoughtfully
"I'm sorry darling child but I do this for your own good and it hurts me far more than it hurts you etc etc"
To which she replies
"Crap! Why don't you just get a stick and beat me mother. You just hate me...."
and I say to her
"you ARE"
and she says
"Well, you AREN"T"
......and so it goes on.
Can I last a week?
Possibly. I am a strong woman.
Plus they go to their father tommorrow and he will have to deal with it. Ha ha.
So, anyway, then I came home with my book and went to bed. There's a shock!
And woke up...
I didn't have any illuminating dreams that told me clearly what to do with my life.
And cooked dinner. Burrito's. No one whinged. Weird.
And grounded my pig , oops, son, from the computer for the evening for throwing avocado all over his sister.
And now I'm here.
Are we there yet?


Cyndy said...

Never mundane and never, ever boring...

One of my favourite sayings is ;
"No half an hour ago is no now, and still will be in another hour"

love from she-who-will-never-be-"mother of the year" ;) xoxo

Elizabeth said...

mother of the year is not a prize I feel will come my way anytime soon, however today i am in Carol Brady mode & trying hard to good mother things, like staying awake & wearing a bra.........
Try screaming 'NO" it works for me.......

Anchell said...

Marsha, marsha, marsha....I will try the bra!!! And screaming no gives me a sore throat, you know I can't do anything in moderation!!