Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lazy me..

Can't be bothered to blog tonight.
So why are you here I hear you ask.......wellll
I'm just an addict after all you know, and
after reading through everyone elses blogs
(and my the tribe is growing)
and then looking through everyone elses comments to find my anonymous friend,
(where are you anonymous Cyndi? I miss you......blurgl),
I just havn't got time actually.
I need to sleep, again


Anonymous said...

Hey Anchell,

Don't fret; I have been reading, just not as noisy as usual. Like you, I've just been too tired. I never have a turn on the 'puter until really late at night, and I'm not all that coherent.
Do you think we've met before? Feels like it to me......

Enjoy your weekend,

The peeping-Thomasina-blogmuggle xoxo

Elizabeth said...

My darling cousin Cyndi has been over at my blog giving Germaine Greer a well deserved serve......
I miss you Anchell---its a hge weekend ahead- see you on Sunday..........

e x

Romy said...

love your art...