Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Im buggered...

After the exciting and hectic (and sometimes painful) energy of the past month I think I have finally landed back on the ground. Very tired still, bit flat, bit blah blah.
that's okay. This too shall pass.
In spite of all the intensity I have pretty much totally loved it all.
It feels like things are finally moving and shaking and its been a long time coming.
I took my paintings to school today and showed my favorite teacher. She loved them which was nice, and I got some nice feedback from some class members too.
that's cool coming from people who don't have a clue what I or my paintings are about.
She tells me she has to come with me for the framing, that they will sell for sure and that Newcastle sucks for selling art. Hmmmm. I knew that already. It'd be nice to get connected with a gallery in Sydney or something eventually.
But Michael said they would send me the means to get this work 'out there' and so I trust.
I trust.
Pretty good for someone who didn't trust anything including herself, especially herself, a few short years ago. One day I will tell you my story in this blog.
But not tonight.
Im off to write reviews and go to bed.
My darlin' and I have been together for 45 full moons now!!
Who would have thought........


Elizabeth said...

buggered ?
you are so you.........

enjoy the you

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

Can I say over and over how vibrant your paintings are? I don't comment much because I would just coo and drool.
I'm working furiously for the prospect of barter. I'm demanding a battery for our digital camera. I would love your paintings on every wall.


Anchell said...

Coo and drool away!!!! You are good for my ego. Looking forward to seeing your work.