Thursday, September 28, 2006

on my mind

  • why I feel like I dont know who I am or where Im going or why
  • why it matters
  • why Ive eaten myself stupid for the last month
  • how I can lose weight and give up smoking too
  • what difference it makes
  • how you get known as an artist with out having to do all the 'crap'
  • what difference it makes
  • why I didnt get the cat desexed before she came on heat again....
  • why the pee-oodle finds me so irresistable
  • how I can earn some, well, lots of money between now and christmas
  • why am I at art school instead of packing shelves at Woollies or some other such task requiring no qualifications
  • why Im so full of doubt today when I was full of joy just a few short days ago
  • who shergar really is
  • why my floors look like they havn't been swept in months
  • and my bath like it hasn't been scrubbed
  • and I wont mention the toilet again
  • or the bloody meowing tortured sex starved cat thats creeping around the joint with its tail swept to the side waiting for Mr Cat to fix her up ( NO cotton buds Jaqui!)
  • or the 3 meals I cooked because no one can like the same thing
  • or the clothes all over the bedroom floor (and thats in my room!!)
  • ho bloody hum


Elizabeth said...

oh & I are certainly aspects of the same for your hormonally deranged feline- do I have a pee-oodle that would like to meet her !!
toilets & bathrooms are yuk anyway-
working at woolies would drive me insane- they dont pay enough to be nice all day- me x

Cyndy said...

ily......Jack says this is short for 'I love you'

Anchell said...

ily 2

salvagehoarse said...

Hello Anchell,

It's the same here, minus giving up smoking, desperate kitty and shergar. So, I'll tell a story to hopefully make you smile.
I read about Shergar, the Irish champion racehorse on Wikipedea. Apparently, "the Chief Superintendent called in clairvoyants, psychics and diviners to help" when he mysteriously disappeared.
Your Shergar is one of the horsenappers hiding out in Australia. He is repenting amongst the "Witches of Southwicks". He feels like a bitter stud having stirred up much interests within a group of lively spiritual women. He wants forgiveness in a delightful humorous manner. Who wouldn't? Witches are best for this. Since he has engaged in unlawful endeavors, he most certainly is clever and quite secretive. This is much more fun than sitting in a dank pub with only old well-preserved men for company. If he is a 'woman', well that's another story.


Anchell said...

My, my, what a vivid imagination! I like it a lot....I think there are at least two of us who checked out shergar on the net in hopes of a clue...this one was a little too cryptic for me. I think he's laughing much

Cyndy said...

At least 3, and he's broadened our education; would you EVER have cared about a kidnapped (horsenapped) horse?......and besides, what did happen to that horse?;)xoxo

Anchell said...

cat food?

Cyndy said...

for Irish Republican cats?......