Friday, September 08, 2006


I think its finished.
I hope its finished.
Does it look finished to you?


rainbowspirit said...

WOW - I opened the page and my first reaction was 'oh f#%&*'. You are truly amazing. Love it. Otherworldly!!!
Superwoman yourself!!!
luv jen

Rylah said...

It looks amazing to me! It reminds me of death and birth at the same time, infinity through struggle, the universe card of the tarot and heaven's door, to name a few ideas. It's gorgeous, you are so talented sweety! You should be proud...
Rylah xXx
P.S. What on earth are we both doing still up at this hour? Are you a night owl like me!?

salvagehoarse said...

It's a dream!!! I'm clapping and making "oooh" sounds. I'm getting a better idea of your spirals and circles.
Thanks for your comment. I'm working, working and working. Yes, I too felt like a sacrifice and a walking "bad luck" persona till now.
Raihn and you have been such a gift to me.


Faith said...

It is complete and on its own, a world of beauty. "The code to creation" is what I heard when I saw it.
I have been enjoying your work over your blog. Thank you for adding Light in such a magnificant, beautiful way!
Love and light,

Anchell said...

Oops. I accidently wiped 3 comments into cyberspace. Have copied them here. Sorry girls

Elizabeth has left a new comment on your post "Done...":

finished & perfect-

You are

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Done...":

WOW!!! Landscapes, photography and piping; you don't need them, but I suppose that you need to keep stretching your artistic muscles (or so say the experts. I say WOW!!

Congrats, you amazing girl,

Blogmoggle xoxox
'oxlgool' to you dear muggleyone

Kathleen has left a new comment on your post "Done...":

I LOVE it! To me it speaks of the Cosmic Egg...It is waiting to be fertilized.

You are so passionate and gifted.

Blessed Be,

Tesah said...

It looks wonderful!