Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow, I'm human again....
well, back to almost normal anyway.
Those of us who read Raihn's blog (see links) will have read the information from Micheal regarding August and it's intense energy work on us.
No wonder we didn't get advance warning of that one!!!
Today is the first of September and I have woken up with no flu, no sore kidney and just a few residual aches. Far out!
Cancelling quack appointment forthwith...yay.
I started a new painting this morning and look what's appeared!!!
Any input on this guys? Obviously not finished but I had to share.
Anyway, the sun is shining, my darlin's home and I feel good.
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
I wonder whats next????


Rylah said...

I know what you mean about feeling better now august is over! Today I feel so light and airy, like a weight has been lifted. I think I'm going to drift off into the ether any minute now :)
As for the painting, it's beautiful... All else I can say is, since my symbols have been coming through, (and, truthfully, since that wednesday night when we heard robert talk and both of us clicked, I have opened up psychic-ly so much since then), I have sensed 2 blue beings around me. Not sure if they are angels, or starbeings, or both, but they are there, just in front of me and to each side. I get the feeling that these are the ones sending me the symbols. Just wondered if any of this is making sense for you.
Anyway, can't wait to see you next and show you my symbols (I'm acting like a proud mum here!)
Love and light,
Jacqui xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anchell,
This is just beautiful. I don't no who the beings are, but you just trust them, don't you?
To think I spent my day cleaning out a 100yrs of dirt out of our ceiling cavity and laying insulation while you created such beauty; you are so blessed!
Cyndy xoxox

Anchell said...

I am, I know. Feeling so humble right now that I wont even make any blogmuggle allusions.
Thankyou. Have you read Lisa's blog yet?? Just wait....