Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meet my friend Jen.
She has just started her blog.
She's one of us.
Just go to Jen in my link list.
Have a great day


rainbowspirit said...

Wow - I am officially freaked out now - I was just walking around my kitchen (getting tea for the whining masses) - thinking about your blog and the blogs of your friends. As you are aware 'chell, I have been bogged down in 'mortality' - or 'human-ness' for a while now. The lack of contact with spiritually minded people on a regular basis is partly to blame i think, plus my ridiculously busy life isnt helping. I was just thinking how reading your posts, and those of your friends, have awoken in me a hunger to develop myself, delve within, and with-out. I feel a little like a 'peeping tom(asina)' or something though and find myself looking to see and read whatever jewels you all have posted. I was walking around my kitchen thinking how i should email and thank you for introducing me to 'blogging' etc. I sit down - open your blog, and find this message. My mind is blown with the 'coincidence' of it all. Thank you from the depths of my soul michelle. luv ya mate - jen

Anchell said...

You're very welcome. You know that once you invite change, it happens. Hold on to your hat!!!!!