Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I can do that....

Draw a line
and stay away
she said

I can do that

I find gratitude
in my heart
for all the empty
you filled
I wish you


nollyposh said...

The worlde is such a place now energetically that if it doesn't fit then it just won't no matter what you do and filling your heart with gratitude all the same is ~perfect~

Lisa said...

yep, the line

vox exsisto mei
'the power is mine'

Cyndy said...

Boundaries are good. Great for maintaining the status of vox existo mei. My that Lovely Lisa is a surprising and wise one.

So is a ciggie-less Michelle.

Especially if she has an inner life that is less empty.

I feel a change in the vibe, lovely.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

"i wish you love"


a perfect ending,
to wonderful imagery.


thank you.


christopher said...

This poem is a duality. If I didn't know, have a way to get to what I suspect is the right reading, then the other, darker reading would be stronger for me. In the one I think you mean you have taken advice about how to find forgiveness in separation from someone.

In the other reading you are following a demand by the very person you are losing and forgiving her for it. That is how I read it until your friends gave me pause and another way to read.

Loving you.

Michelle said...

Actually Christopher, you read it right both times...