Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remembering and not....

I've been reading through a few posts where people are remembering where they were on THAT September 11 ....eight years ago.

Would you like to know where I was?

I was actually having lunch at a drug and alcohol education centre I was attending at the time. This was just after I had been released from a 3 week hospital stay where they had put me back together again after some major body organs tried to shut down from alcohol abuse......this centre was teaching (!!) me about what I was doing to myself.

I remember standing in that room transfixed by the TV screen, watching those people jump out of that building, I was horrified, absolutely horrified, I remember wondering what the fucking point was. I don't remember a great deal after that.....

It was a two week course and I was about half way in.....after September 11 I went back out and drank myself silly till the 28th of September.....

Which was when I put myself into detox for a week and went from there to rehab for 6 months....I did not pass go.

Yep, September that year was quite meaningful for me......

In case you didn't know, I haven't had a drink since :)

I don't watch a lot of news either.

It's also been more than a month now since I had a ciggy.........

I remember
nothing much
but the fall
I remember
all of theirs too

that's got to count
for something


Renee said...

Michelle when I look at your paintings I dream.

By the way and this is a big by the way: congratulations.

You are remarkable.

Love Renee xoxo

Evil Twin's Wife said...

An amazing and inspiring story...I'm so proud of you!

angela said...

You are so strong, well done!

Jen said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Yes Renee, she is remarkable. I have the honour of knowing her in the flesh.


Kerry said...

8 years, and look at the roads you have travelled, and where live has bought you to right now.

What a remarkable person you are.

Oh, and congrats on the the smoking thing too, you are amazing.

with hugs of love


Sarah Lulu said...

Way to go ....same year as me but I'm February ...

It gets better and better.

God bless you.

Cyndy said...

You are amazing, Michelle.



Marie S said...

I don't watch the news either. Makes me sick and I want to drink and smoke.
You ARE AMAZING!!! way to go beautiful woman.

christopher said...

Michelle, that was not a year I will forget either. In January the woman who was The Lady of the Shining Moon left me. The Man of the Northern Wall is her legacy. Then my Mom died of a stroke. Then I moved out of my house of over twenty years into my Mom's house because of the rental in the back. Then in July my Dad died of bone cancer. Then Sept 11. Then in October, my former wife of twenty years died of alcoholism, depression and kidney failure in October. That was the biggest year of my life.

I didn't come close to drinking over all that.

Congratulations on staying off cigarettes. I know you have not quit forever, just for today. It is really the only way that works.

Bee said...

my mum died on that day,but ten years before,love you chell you are a cool sheila,,,

nollyposh said...

(((hugs))) Sept 11th is a funny 'ol day for me too, had my boob off last year on that day... Lot's of 'letting go' energy on that day methinks xox

WhimsiGals said...

You are one powerful woman ... but you are simply a mirror for me.

Blessed Be,