Monday, September 28, 2009

my back hurts.....

What is it with guilt,
I ask
why do I feel the need
to carry yours
every single time?
Why can I not be content
to let you make
your own mistake
carry your own fear
judge yourself

Mine are heavy enough

at least I think they are
maybe I should sort them out
give yours back
to you

my back hurts


Lisa said...

we have turned a corner MYshell- we really have xx

christopher said...

Thanks for that thought.

All Bent Over

You said drop that load
and I said I can't, meant it
just like that, refused.
If I dropped my load
I would float, lose my purchase
and go who knows where.
I am not built right
to fly free. Plodding along,
that's me. My back hurts.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh the shucking off of heavy loads lightens, doesn't it?

Daria said...

I hate guilt but it loves me.

Gloria said...

The disease to please . . we women suffer from it toooo much!