Friday, September 18, 2009


I would post something but I am BUSY....


Farking work!

Farking tenants!

Farking bosses!



Lisa said...

is John still here ?
oh and btw- you threw william off the lounge !

Kerry said... threw William off the lounge???

Michelle said...

I DID NOT!!!!!

He jumped....and he was as big as 20 cents.....

Sarah Lulu said...

She's probably lying and all her spare moments are being spent pashing.

Mark Cowell said...

I'm beginning to appreciate the addition of new words to the language. Let's see if I've got the declension right: I fark, you fark, he/she/it farks; we fark, you fark, they fark. And now for the future perfect tense...I will be farking, you will be that the future imperfect? I never did well with grammer.