Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunshine on a Sunday

Good Sunday morning people...

I am looking out my window at a clear blue not windy dustfilled sky!


Today I will do some washing, vacuum up a shitload of dust, and maybe

just maybe

I will go fishing....


Why not?

I can't sulk forever!


Cynthia said...

I'd rather be fishing! Remember that bumper sticker? Have a relaxing day.

wykd wytch said...

well, I had my own little drop in visit from a boss who lives in Sydney and he was not impressed with performance to say the least - from wearing jeans to work to actually having a coffee and reading a book....not on!!!!!!!!!So over it...when you find what it is you are supposed to be doing let me know...maybe I will get an idea too...I actually love the books, they are all precious...and to see the kids faces light up when they get to buy one is just great and I love telling people which ones are good and what information is in them....but I really really dislike being treated like an arse hole because I need to shit and sit down occasionally...oh well...such is life...I need to paint...thats what I need to do..