Tuesday, September 29, 2009

time to get mad!

Oh for gods sake

why will I not stop crying?

EVERYTHING is making me cry........


I AM too young for menopause right??




EugeneSwanson said...

Im sorry for making you cry!! you can read my blog whenever you want!!!

Natalie said...

Chronic stress, chronic heartache and a hysterectomy will all bring on hormonal imbalance.

Your body may now feel safe to finally 'unload' all that has been happening. Please drive here if you need a hug. Please ring or write otherwise.I have been doing some interesting reseach into 'early menopause' and stress is our biggest enemy, along with dietary insufficiency.Get onto bBvitamins and magnesium asap.Also progesterone supplemented after hysto. They have literally saved me.xx♥

Kerry said...

I believe you will stop crying when the time is right.

Let your body use tears to clean your energy, to bring balance back, and to release all of that emotion that you might not be able to get out any other way.

Maybe when you start to paint again, the tears might ease as you focus on something else. Some other release of those feelings.

Tears are good for the soul, and you need to release them.

Give yourself permission to grieve for what you thought you would have, what you dreamed you would have, and what it all turned out to be.

You are a walking inspiration of what can be achieved given time. Give yourself time.

Early monopause. Yeah, its a possibility. But just let those raw emotions heal a bit and then see where you are with that.

love and huge hugs to you, you lovely lady.

Kerry xx

Odd Chick said...

Could we have coffee!!
Everything is making me MAD! i'm mad all the time and it's nothing that i haven't always dealt with... well. Kindly for the most part. If it wasn't for my sweet husband - i would probably just crawl in a cave and paint for the next year and not come out.
But I don't want you to be sad. You, who is so sweet and good and encourages me, and i know a million others.
I'm taking Vitex Dong Quai with Chaste Tree, Black Cohosh and Motherwort - just started- hoping it settles me down.

Daria said...

You've had so much happen in the last few months ... it's all too much.

Take care of yourself.

Lisa said...

cry, sweetie
cry a river
honour the sadness