Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Found again

When I was empty
all those years
right up
a minute or so
thought I needed
a thing or two
a bit of good advice
tripping in a bathtub
shooting lines
to me
for the icing on my cake
such a time
my way slowly
to the bottom
of a bottle
was it only
I looked inside
to find the way
back home
saw the strangest question
that I didn't need to ask
saw the front
behind myself
paths turning
back to here
roads travelled
turn to dust
I'm actually here...
shake my head in disbelief
pinch me
am I real?
the one that
I was searching for
put simply
was that


Lisa said...

yes you all along- hiding and scared before but oh now what a warrior you have become.

we are the sum of all our past choices dear Michelle and you are sum-thing-else xxxx

ps I love you befri

Strawberry Girl said...

Your real, you fought and your here. Thanks for living with courage Michelle.


Kathleen said...

Yes xxxx

Sarah Lulu said...

Hello fellow pilgrim ..more and more real.

Anonymous said...

Not an easy road, but you managed to navigate it, and now thankfully, you are hear to share your strength and beauty!

Natalie said...

It is good you are here. :D xx♥

Renee said...

Absolutely beautiful Michelle.

The words are amazing and the poem is soul-deep.

I love you.

Renee xoxo

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I admire your courage and strength!