Friday, July 03, 2009


I am furious

absolutely f*#king see red furious

I looked around me this morning

and saw the mess I was sitting in

and lost the plot!

I am sick of it

sick of living in someone elses mess

sick of cleaning up other peoples messes

time to learn to deal people

I am out of it

cords are hereby CUT

energetically, I am MINE

as for physical mess

that goes this weekend

as for left over ex mess

that goes this weekend

all out of my space, all of it

as for stupid bastard wallet eating dog mess......

training collar where art thou

as for teenagers with loose hair, slack fingers and no cleaning eyes


I didn't make this mess

but I am about to f#@king well clean it up

Over it

Over it




Anonymous said... are you really feeling? YIKES...I am running now! Good luck!

Cynthia said...

Michelle, you are "telling it like it is" and it's good to let it out! I hope you feel better, freer, clearer...soon. Thanks for visiting OWL blog and leaving such a nice comment-especially when you are experiencing the opposite vibe! Love to you, friend. <3

Bogey said...

So...about that fun you were talking about; when are you going to escape the "mess" and have some fun of your own? It appears as though you are ready to read the riot act or maybe you have just re-written it.
"...accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

Strawberry Girl said...

I am so in the middle of this type of problem, ugh!!

I get the emotion girl, I hope the messes in your life get cleaned up (in one way or another) soon.


Natalie said...


Michelle said...

I feel much better already....things happen when I yell!

Hear me roar!!!!!!!


Daria said...

Let it out girl ...

Natalie said...

I actually did hear you!It bounced off Sugarloaf -sheesh!

wykd wytch said...

especially when you have to clean two households ( I know how that feels....) and an office as well it really takes all your energy...w.w.

Kerry said...

Hoping that the day improved for you.

Mess....hate it, but i think it multiplys over night.

Butler and Bagman said...

Glad you are still around...glad I had a moment to check you out...wish I had an affective training collar, our new dog (older weirder semi-canine inherited from kids last week, unhousebroken and subject for future blog..).(...dang can't remember whether I was doing a digression with three dots or parentheses...))>

nollyposh said...

i hear you sista! Sooo much more than you know! x

Cyndy said...

yessum. It does everyone good to feel a little scared every so often. They tend top look at you a little strangely, though......

been there, done that....


Jewell said...

good on you...glad it made you feel better xx

Lisa said...