Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The run around....

A new pet....Spanish I believe, turns up in strange places

I have been a slack ass blogger I know

However, I have good reasons

Mainly that I've been selling lots of houses

and all the stuff that comes with that....

guess the universe is sending us out with a bang!


and also I have been at mums quite a bit

My sister is here and chemo was Friday

I dunno whats what with these steroids but I'm glad this Friday is it for them!

Seems gin rummy is the order of the day and I have lost a lot at it

Except for when I kicked ass :)

So, you see there isn't much to blog about

even though I haven't had time to breath

Today I am a day off!

Which will firstly see me in the office at 7.30am getting a sale away....blerk

before going to the hairdressers to get ungreyed and then to lunch

woo hoo

I promise I will blog something worth reading soon...

(famous last words)

and if I've missed something important of yours.....

well, I'll be there asap


Bogey said...

It sounds like you are going to be able to put some jam on your bread after all. The last time I checked, Blogger didn't sign my pay cheques either. Priorities! Glad to hear that you are having some success.

Cynthia said...

Great to be active and making money...and great to rest. I hope that your sister is fine after her treatment. And I hope the girls help you too. <3

Sarah Lulu said...

Don't forget to breathe!

Had my greys gone this week too ...

Renee said...

My beautiful Michelle: You always have something worthy to say.

You are so real and I love you for it.

Love Renee xoxo

christopher said...

Came by and caught up...my old friend Linda sold my house years ago and has had million dollar sales years before, but not this year. It is really bad here right now...

I will not mention that my Australian friend Michelle is having a banner season, plus getting out. That might have her hunt me down to change the shape of my anatomy.

Loving you, my friend.

John said...

Spanish giraffes are the worst... sailing the seas and plundering zebra ships with their powerful cannons.

Many a wildebesste has fallen foul of the dreaded Giraffe Armada.

Debbie said...

That is wonderful that you have been selling houses! Congrats.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Your posts are GREAT because no matter what you're having to deal with, you find the time to find a little humor in the dialy things too. That's a gift!! And you share it, that's cool!
Hope all is well♥ Darla
p.s. thanks for stopping by :)