Monday, July 06, 2009


Yesterday I went and bought a new lounge

a blue lounge

(I figure I wont have blue carpet forever and a good excuse to go rug shopping)

Yesterday afternoon I also had my last ciggie...

I haven't killed anyone yet

I figure I've stretched this procrastination about as far as I can without breaking it

Being a good addict and all

In my logical female mind, the money I save here will pay for my new lounge......


but really, I don't need an excuse

Just gotta do it



John said...

This is a good thing, this blue longe of yours.

People will come and sing great songs about your blueness -

and all blue things shall rejoice.

Michelle said...


Fancy seeing you here John


Natalie said...

Good girl you!xx♥

Audrey said...

How fun!
And congrats on the last ciggie! YEAH Michelle!
(ummmm...probably keep "not" killing people, okay?)

Wendy said...

Awesome, Michelle. Will be cheering you on re: last ciggie!

Strawberry Girl said...

Laughing about Johns comment ;D

Congrats on the last Ciggie, kick that habit to the corner and stomp... (to make sure that all the niggling doubts go away).

Plus a blue lounge, so cool, I want one...! :D I have a corner for it, right over... oh wait, not really. But if I had a blue lounge I would make a spot for it.

Michelle said...

I don't actually have a corner for either.....oh dear....must rearrange house :)

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm always amazed then people stop smoking and think about the money they will save when it is actually extremely expensive to stop smoking. I estimate that it will cost $250,000 to cover the expenses of eating and living the additional 20 years you will live. LOL. Probably worth it, though!

Daria said...

Last ciggie ... best of luck to you ... it's tough ... but you're a tough girl.