Monday, July 20, 2009

A new day.....

I laugh
while sweeping peppercorns
into the corners
and the thought of you
sends me spinning
yet again

Possibilities never shone so brightly
as they sparkle over the water
weaving a pathway
through a swirly blue sky
riding a comet and a raindrop
to find you

I cried for all the lonely nights
written on your page
yet perversely found gratitude
that you were waiting
while I painted this dream
of a time we may once have had

oh please
do not let me wake to find
you were only a wish I had made
in a moment of startling clarity
that faded through this night...
that you were never real

I do not pray for miracles
that illusion holds no rhythm in my dance
I simply long to live the tune
of a gently playing song
so I listen very carefully
expecting I can get the words just right

I paint the dream I had last night
laughter welling gently through my tears
I paint while dancing slowly
around the corners of my life
singing softly, all the while
I sweep these peppercorns away


Lisa said...

beautiful, heartfelt, very open xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, your art and poem! Thank you so much for sharing these, they are gifts!

Cynthia said...

Peppercorn image...uncontrolled, hot, but spicy in a good way too.
Thanks for sharing your touching poetry, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

SO lovely! And so lyrical. I love the words and the images they project. Really a beautiful poem, my friend.

And the painting - it is my favorite, to be sure! That is awesome!

Linda S. Socha said...

A heart song from the soul Michelle. Beautiful. You are a lovely talent

The painting is ...I of my favorites so far!!

christopher said...


If there is as you wrote Saturday, someone in your life powerful enough to impose on your spirit life then you have some personal work to do, because you are offering something vital for the taking, and perhaps even giving permission in some way. Saturday's poem is a beautiful and powerful song as a song, and like many songs, not perhaps the whole truth of our relationships. I often write these a little tongue in cheek when I get this far in because humility is hard to come by.

Monday's poem is tremendous, as good as any poem can be. I was afraid all the way through that you might leave the peppercorns behind but no, there they were at the end. Wow. I liked the feeling so much better too, than Saturday's because you had your power all back without question, leaving your yearning to be what it is.

Taken as a pair of poems written about the same subject perhaps, the same person, then you are doing the right work, the work you called yourself to in Saturday's poem, to pray your own prayer, to enact it, and you are controlling the spice, which is probably quite necessary over forty :) I notice that you are more like storing the peppercorns than trashing them. Good.

Loving you.

Kerry said...

Another truely beautiful poem.

Dreams do become realitly, and the reality is so often even better than the dream. xx

John said...

There's only one place you can go with peppercorns like that ~

guess I will be booking my ticket for sure

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You're so very talented! Beautiful art and poetry!!

Daria said...

Love the art work ...

Snowbrush said...

I like your poem. Say, does the woman in this posting not have her boobies covered with rabbit ears (and, no, I don't mean an antenna)?

Michelle said...

They would be forearms Snow.....*grin* ....
but whatever works for you, art is relative after all....


Bogey said...

It feels like I've been eavesdropping on half of the dialogue between two people trying to build a bridge across two hemispheres.